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Mistatera CBD Skin Soothing Lotion

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Intense relief is at your fingertips.

Find soothing relief in our Mistatera CBD lotion made from a high-quality mixture of ingredients, including rich shea and cocoa butter, coconut, grape seed oil and beeswax, that is specifically tailored for topical use.

Thick, almost solid and waxy in consistency is intended to be applied as you would apply a normal moisturizer — gently massage it into the area you’re treating and add more as needed. It is meant to apply a relief to a specific area.

Studies on topicals suggest that skin absorbency is pretty weak compared with other mucous membranes. That means when applying a topical product, it’s best to select one with a high level of CBD as ours and apply it liberally. It can be used as a mucle rub or applied gently to painful, inflamed or irritated skin and joints.


You can try our Mistatera CBD lotion for a variety of uses:

Pain relief: Balms are a concentrated product, making them a great go-to choice for pain relief.

Skin conditions: our Mistatera CBD lotion is reducing inflammation that can contribute to acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Other uses: topical CBD products can help with a range of pain issues like arthritis-related pain (significantly lowering joint swelling) or nerve pain (it helps dropping sharp, severe, cold, and itchy feelings of pain).


All Mistatera products are cruelty free, made with Slovenian grown hemp and are 3rd party Lab tested.


Ingredients: Cannabis sativa seed oil, butyrospermum parkii butter, theobroma cacao seed butter, cocos nucifera oil, cera alba, cannabis sativa flower extract, glycerin, vitis vinifera seed oil, rosmarinus officinalis extract, vanilla planifolia fruit extract

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