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15% CBD Spray – Immunity, NQ

35,99  Tax included.

Boost the resistance of your overall health. Vitamin D3 (25,000 IU) and CBD (15%) work together perfectly to help your body maintain a healthy and responsive immune system.

It’s been known for a long time that vitamin D3 helps the body’s innate immune system to go into overdrive, leading to the production of substances that kill bacteria.

It comes in a convenient spray bottle, so you won’t need a spoon or to worry about cleaning it up afterwards. It’s simple to dose the recommended amount and to spread out dosing throughout the day because each spray delivers 7.5 mg of CBD.

Our products are developed and formulated with the help of companies that follow HACCP and GMP guidelines in their own research and development and manufacturing processes. They don’t have any artificial ingredients, gluten, sugar, or alcohol.



Organic Certified Hemp Extract (Cannabis Sativa L.)

MCT and Coconout oil

Vitamin D3 (125 IU / spray)

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