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15% CBD Spray – Energy, NQ

35,99  Tax included.

Use this CBD spray to jump start your day, stay alert through the afternoon, or stay up later at night. You’ll be able to fight off fatigue and maintain a steady supply of energy thanks to the 15% CBD and vitamin E and D combination.

CBD helps increase oxygen in the blood, which makes you feel more energized and less weak. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that keeps muscles working smoothly and pain-free by preventing oxidative damage.

It comes in a convenient spray bottle, so you won’t need a spoon or to worry about cleaning it up afterward. It’s simple to dose the recommended amount and to spread out dosing throughout the day because each spray delivers 7.5 mg of CBD.

Our products are developed and formulated in accordance with stringent protocols, and we work closely with other businesses to ensure that their own environments meet HACCP and GMP regulations. They don’t have any artificial ingredients, gluten, sugar, or alcohol.



Organic Certified Hemp Extract (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Sunflower oil

Vitamin E (0,25 mg / spray)

Vitamin D (100 IU / spray)

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