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15% CBD Spray – Focus, NQ

35,99  Tax included.

Vitamin D works great in tandem with our 15% CBD drops spray that helps to improve your memory, endurance, and concentration. Increased concentration can give you that extra edge that you need to ace that presentation, pass that exam, or win that game night. Coconut oil, which has been proven to increase focus, memory, energy boost, and learning ability, is added to our CBD products as well.

It comes in a convenient spray bottle, so you won’t need a spoon or worry about cleaning it up afterwards. Spraying 7.5 mg of CBD in a single intake makes it simple to dose the recommended quantity and space out doses throughout the day.

We follow strict protocols in product development and formulation, and we work with other producers to ensure that our own development and production processes are in line with HACCP and GMP regulation standards. All of our products are also artificial ingredients, gluten, sugar, and alcohol-free.



Organic Certified Hemp Extract (Cannabis Sativa L.)

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) and Coconout oil

Vitamin D (100 IU / Spray)

Ginseng (0.1mg / spray)

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